Pablo Palomino

Back to all Pablo Palomino is Associate Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Oxford College, Emory University. A cultural historian, born and raised in Buenos Aires and trained there and in Berkeley, California, he published The Invention of Latin American Music: A Transnational History (2020, translated into Spanish by Fondo de Cultura Económica in 2021).

Kacey Link

Back to all Kacey Link is an independent scholar and pianist residing in Los Angeles, CA. With her tango research partner Kristin Wendland, she has co-authored and published Tracing Tangueros: Argentine Tango Instrumental Music (2016), and articles for Chamber Music Magazine (2018), Naxos Musicology (2020), and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (2021). 

Matthew B. Karush

Back to all Matthew B. Karush is Professor of History at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and co-editor of the Journal of Social History. An expert on Argentine political and cultural history, he is the author of several books, including Musicians in Transit: Argentina and the Globalization of Popular Music (2017).  

Eric Johns

Back to all Eric Johns is Archivist and Curator for the Stone Center for Latin American Studies at Tulane University. His musicological research focuses on epistemology and genre in Latin American popular musics. In particular, he is interested in the intersections of race, nation, and music, and the complex networks that bind them.

Madeleine E. Hackney

Back to all Madeleine E. Hackney is Associate Professor of Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine and a Research Health Scientist with the Atlanta VA. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance from New York University Tisch School of the Arts and a PhD in Movement Science from Washington University in St. Louis. […]

Julián Graciano

Back to all Julián Graciano is a tango guitarist, composer, and arranger in Buenos Aires. Raised in a family of tango musicians, he has systematically worked out a pedagogical method for teaching tango based on his jazz studies. He is the author of Roberto Grela “La guitarra del tango” (forthcoming December 2023, Melos), Método de […]

Omar García Brunelli

Back to all Omar García Brunelli is a researcher and musicologist at the Instituto Nacional de Musicología “Carlos Vega” in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he directs the research program Antología del tango rioplatense. He recently earned his PhD in History and Theory of the Arts from the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Buenos […]

Romina Dezillio

Back to all Romina Dezillio is a researcher and musicologist at the Instituto Nacional de Musicología “Carlos Vega” in Buenos Aires, Argentine, and studies Argentine professional women composers and performers in the first half of the twentieth century from a feminist approach and a critical gender perspective. Her teaching includes Argentine and Latin American Music History, […]

Kathy Davis

Back to all Kathy Davis is a senior research fellow in the Sociology Department at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She is the author of many articles, anthologies, and books, including Reshaping the Female Body (1995), Dubious Equalities and Embodied Differences (2003), The Making of Our Bodies, Ourselves: How Feminism Travels Across Borders (2007) and Dancing Tango: Passionate Encounters in a Globalizing World (2015).    

Ortaç Aydınoğlu

Back to all Ortaç Aydınoğlu is a musician and scholar in Turkey. He studied piano and composition at the conservatory in İstanbul and the bandoneón in Rotterdam and Buenos Aires, and he focused his PhD research on orchestration and arranging in tango. Currently he teaches at the conservatory in İstanbul, directs his band TangEsta, dances […]